Hello Queen!

My name is Dio. I am a 39 years old. I am a mother of two teenagers. Losing and gaining back weight has been an issue almost my entire life. After discovering intermittent fasting in October 2018 I finally lost the weight and still maintaining it after almost 3,5 years of eating one meal a day. I now use my experiences as a licensed psychiatric mental health nurse and my own intermitting fasting lifestyle as a weight loss coach. I work with women that want to be diet free once and for all by helping them change their mindset. Creating a new lifestyle, losing weight without food restrictions but with a healthy relationship with food!

My story

I’m 5’ 4″ and at my heaviest I weighed over 180 pounds. . . 82 kilos (oops!). Sometimes I wanted to lose weight badly, and sometimes I did not give a sh*t about my weight. I just wanted to enjoy my “life”, aka food. There was even a point in my life that I tried to convince myself that I was “just fine the way I was”, especially for someone of my age and as a mother of 2, right?! I really wanted to believe that, but every time I looked at the mirror or found myself struggling to fit into my clothes, I realized that I was lying to myself.

In my mid-20’s, I began trying a variety of different diets to lose weight like Herbalife, low carb, Atkins. I spent almost two decades of my life yo-yoing up and down in my weight, trying all manner of diets only to suffer frustration and disappointment over and over again until November 2018 when I started my weight loss journey and transformed my life and my health through the OMAD [one meal a day] lifestyle.

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